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The Sundorbon was originally conceived in 1988. Since then, The Sundorbon has become a favourite amongst the locals and is known as a staple of Indian and Bangladeshi cuisine. Serving the neighbourhood with sit-down dining, takeaway, and delivery service in Bridport, the restaurant has always been a family-run business, with the son of the ex-owner, Mashayel, proudly taking over the ownership in 2019.

Mashayel grew up in Bridport and moved to London post-university, where he gained a lot of insight into authentic Indian dining. Whilst travelling across Asia, he was most interested in India, where he had learned more about authentic Indian flavours and bolstered his passion for food, Indian cuisine in particular. In The Sundorbon, he has established a fantastic and talented team, a modern authentic dining venue, and has created and displayed exceptional takeaway and delivery service. The restaurant is always evolving and growing with the community, allowing it to serve the best, freshest, and most flavorful Indian dishes.

The recipes at The Sundorbon have been influenced by years of experience in the culinary industry, and the delicious dishes are prepared using only the best quality meats, spices, and vegetables available. Specialising in regional curry dishes, baltis, naans, tandoor dishes, speciality rice, and a large selection of Chef’s recommendations chosen by our award-winning chef, there is something for everyone at The Sundorbon.

With a top-tier takeaway delivery service that can serve up to 10 miles from Bridport, the large kitchen and driving team can cook and deliver restaurant-quality Indian cuisine to you, seven days a week. The team of highly skilled chefs can cater to anyone's needs. As mild or as spicy as you want any dish, always happy to cater to any custom request. Customer satisfaction through the best food is always the number one priority. Ordering is made easy online too! 


We look forward to you trying our delicious food!

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